S. No.TitleDetail/Download
01Advanced Multi-functional AsbestosFree Thermal Insulating Material-A Gizmo for Energy Conservation[Click Here]
02Centre of Excellence in Graphene and its Applications” & “Graphene reinforced metal matrix composites through powder bed additive manufacturing for aerospace and defense applications[Click Here]
03Monitoring of Mixing Height Profile of atmosphere for Jamshedpur city using SODAR System[Click Here]
04Procurement Plan Apparatus[Click Here]
05Procurement Plan Chemical Consumable[Click Here]
06 P50 budget head: Annual procurement plan (apparatus equipment/IT equipment)[Click Here]
07P07 budget head: Annual procurement plan (Consumable Items)[Click Here]
08Annual Procurement Plan of HCP-54-WP4 Project, GAP0118 and P50[Click Here]
09Annual Procurement Plan of HCP-54 FBR1[Click Here]