The workshop is capable of providing technical support in terms of preparing test specimens and offering assistance needed to conduct experiments in general. It is equipped with various mechanical facilities to carry out drilling, milling and machining operations needed for the preparation of experimental specimens/jobs. It also helps in general maintenance  work from time to time.

 Facilities  available:

CNC Turn Mill CTX 310 Graziano

Horizontal milling Machine, Botliboi Make

Lathe Machine LB17, HMT Make

Lathe Machine GNM-2.

Drilling Machine

Radial drilling Machine,HMT make=

Shaper Machine

Surface Grinding Machine

Pedstal Grinding Machine

Super Cut Saw (Band Saw) Machine

Power Saw Machine

TIG Welding Machine

Are Welding Machine (SMAW)

Gas Welding Brazing facility