Integrated Approach for Design & Product Development

Polymeric Materials

AMPRI has been pursuing R&D activities in the area of polymeric and functionally graded (FGM) materials for various engineering applications. This includes aspects like material design and synthesis followed by their property characterization, component development and demonstration of performance under actual working conditions. Material development in this case includes particulate as well as fibre reinforced composites. A wide range of fibres varying from synthetic organic/inorganic fibres to natural fibres have been reinforced in thermoplastic as well as thermosetting resins. Functional fillers such as SiC, Teflon, UHMWPE, CNSL etc. have been incorporated for improved wear resistance. Industrial wastes such as redmud and fly ash have been utilized for developing low cost materials for flooring and other related applications.  Work towards the development of polymeric foam has also been initiated at AMPRI. The  foam has the potential for automobile noise attenuation and shock absorption applications.

AMPRI has developed several engineering components jointly with Bharat Heavy Eectricals Limited (BHEL) Bhopal and other industries.  Different components developed under the programme include FRP gear case for locomotives and hybrid packing rings for railway bogies. Another category of components has been developed for hydrogenerators and related applications in power generating plants. They include ‘V’ block, hopper, air baffle, oil vapour seal, conformable pipes, asbestos-free brake pad, thrust bearing pad, DT cone etc.

Light weight Green Composites: Pultruded Profiles