Dr. Shiv Singh

Dr. Shiv Singh

  • CSIR-AMPRI, Hoshangabad Road, Near Habibgang Naka, Bhopal-462026

  • 0755-2457105/1122

  • sshiv.singh@ampri.res.in

  • https://ampri.res.in

Dr. Shiv Singh
CSIR-Advanced Materials and Processes Research Institute(CSIR-AMPRI),
Hoshangabad Road, Near Habibganj Naka,
Bhopal – 462026, India.
Email: sshiv.singh@ampri.res.in
Educational Attainments:

  • Postdoc from Korea Institute of Materials Science, South Korea.
  • Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India.
  • MTech in  Chemical Engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India.
Area of Expertise:

  • Graphitic carbon-based Bio-electrochemical Fuel Cell (MEC/MFC)
  • Electrochemical and Bio-electrochemical reduction of CO2
  • Electro-chemical Sensor for heavy metal and neurochemical detection
  • Synthesis of Catalyst (metal nanoparticles and carbon nanofiber) for environmental remediation and biochemical application
  • Carbon dot based electrochemical and optical sensor
  • Synthesis of ceramic matrix composite (CMC) via polymer infiltration and pyrolysis, and chemical vapor infiltration process
  • Aluminium and carbon foam

Selected Publications:

  1. Komal Pandey, Priyanka Gupta, Nishith Verma, S. Singh *, CeO2 Sprinkled Graphitic Novel Packed Bed Anode-Based Single-Chamber MFC for Treatment of High Organic-Loaded Industrial Effluent in Upflow Continuous Mode, Journal of Materials Chemistry A (Accepted, 2021). I.F.= 12.732
  2. Rajnish Kaur, Shiv Singh*, Varun A. Chhabra, Aanchal Marwaha, Prateek Khare, S.K. Tripathi and. A sustainable approach towards utilization of plastic waste as an efficient electrode for microbial fuel cell application.Journal of Hazardous Materials. 2021, 417, 125992,  I.F.=10.58
  3. Pradip Kumar, Shiv Singh*, S.A.R. Hashmi, K.H. Kim, MXenes: Emerging 2D materials for hydrogen storage. Nano Energy. 85, 105989 (2021). I.F.=17.88
  4. Shiv Singh*, Amol Pophali, Rishabh Anand Omar, Rajeev Kumar, Pradip Kumar, Dehi Pada Mondal, Deepak Pant and Nishith Verma, Nickel oxide-decorated in-situ grown 3-D graphitic forest engrained carbon foam electrode for microbial fuel cell. Chemical Communications 57, 879–882 (2021). I.F.=7
  5. Shiv Singh*, M. Noori, N. Verma, Efficient bio-electroreduction of CO2 to formate on a iron phthalocyanine-dispersed CDC in microbial electrolysis system. Electrochimica Acta, 2020, 338, 135887. I.F=6.9