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Technology Enabling Center

AMPRI, Bhopal has developed a technology for making composites (R-wood) using industrial wastes, natural fibre and polymer. The salient features of the composites are high strength-to-weight ratio, termite and corrosion resistance, self-extinguishing nature, durability and environment friendliness. These composites can be used for various applications such as doors, tiles, partitions, ceilings, boards, panels, furniture, instant houses, electrical application etc. The technology was developed for the development of wood substitute for building applications so that consumption of timber in building and house construction can be minimized.

 Presently a technology enabling center (TEC) exists at AMPRI for the fabrication of products using industrial waste based composites on a commercial scale and providing training to entrepreneurs.  The per shift production capacity of the TEC is about 100 panels (size: 2m x 1m x 6 mm). Interaction is being established with interested entrepreneurs through industry meets and workshops to explore the possibilities of technology transfer.